The perfect file attachment service for BugZilla

PasteZilla offers you a quick way to enhance bug reporting, it's simple and straightforward to use and it can make your users' life a bit easier, saving precious time!

  • Compatible with all Bugzilla versions
  • Help service always available
  • No installation needed

What is PasteZilla?

PasteZilla is a simple service that helps you to attach files to BugZilla

It's the perfect tool for software developers and normal users, to add any kind of attachment to a single bug on which you are working on, without saving it on yout file system but as easy as send an attached file on an email

  • make a screenshot or get the document that you need to attach
  • paste the screenshots or attach the document into a new e-mail
  • write the bug number on the subject and address it to the PasteZilla email address that you get during the activation
  • PasteZilla will automatically attach the received documents and screenshots to the specified bug

Why this service is super cool?

Add documents and screenshots to BugZilla and more without save them or being logged in
Customize your apps and the attaching rules, then create a new email paste ann send!

Send them to yout Apps

Send your documents or screenshots to any platform. Do you want a customize integration? Ask us fot it!

Automatic storage

PasteZilla automatically stores all the files that you send to BugZilla or customize platform in order to have a fast access to each loaded file.

Save and print

Off course you can save and print all your prevuoisly attached files.

Output API

PasteZilla provides an API (Application Programming Interface ) to create your own integrations or customize the ones already present.

No user account

Your email address is all what you need, PasteZilla doesn't require you to register any account or remember any password.

Edit function

Coming soon!
This feauture is currently in progress...

Here's how it works:

PasteZilla in three small steps

1 Come-1

Take some screenshots

Make some example screenshots about what you want to show, or get the documents that you want to upload in BugZilla or on the given platform.

2 Come-2

Attach them to a new e-mail

Attach what you want to add to your platform, if you didn't save it on your disk is not a problem, you can just copy and paste it on a new e-mail, or if you just got it on your inbox, is enough to forward it.

3 Come-3

Send it to PasteZilla

According with your own settings, PasteZilla will access for you to the chosen platform and will handle the e-mail attachments automatically.

PasteZilla action shots

Choose the best plan for you

From a single user to a big company. Passing towards a free trial and an SME...
Choose the right plan to your needs.

  • Up to 5 users
* The fee is on annual basis
  • Up to 20 users
* The fee is on annual basis
  • Up to 50 users
* The fee is on annual basis
  • More than 100 users or full domain users
* The fee is on annual basis
Personal use
Try me for free!
  • The free license is only usable in a personal and non-commercial environment. Commercial use of PasteZilla requires the purchasing of a commercial license.

What they say about us

To make PasteZilla the best BugZilla screenshot service of all times we need your feedback.
Let us know if you have some improvement wishes or tell us your mind about PasteZilla.

Ero sommersa di lamentele dagli utenti che non volevano usare Bugzilla per non dover creare un file di immagine da una schermata catturata con "Stamp" o che, peggio, mandavano email con le schermate di dettaglio che poi dovevo allegare io. Con Pastezilla allegare file e schermate è più rapido per me e per loro. Da provare.

Face 1
Daniela D.

Consulente IT

Ho chiesto ai nostri fornitori IT di modificare bugzilla in quanto spesso mi trovavo nella necessità di utilizzare il tasto Stamp e incolla x segnalare un errore. Utilizzando bugzilla mi toccava: utilizzare il tasto stamp, creare un file dove incollo, aprire la segnalazione di errore ed allegare il file che avevo precedentemente creato. Mi hanno installato pastezilla e tutto è diventato semplice!

Face 2
Laura M.


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